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Emergency Care Nurse

2 years of postgraduate studies (Master Diploma from a Medical University)– certified expert in emergency care NDS HF

  • Provision of high-quality emergency services
  • Use of research-based, nursing, medical and pharmacological expertise
  • Acting independently within the framework of nursing skills and in cooperation with various specialist disciplines
  • Provide a competent initial assessment of emergency patients and identify lifethreatening conditions
  • Be able to take appropriate measures based on nursing and medical expertise

Average salary:
CHF 6’583.- / € 6’714.60 x 13 annual salary € 87’290.50

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Psychiatric Nurse

Experience/education in a clinic is required (Bachelor’s Degree is not required for this position)

  • FASRK nurses – higher education is not required
  • Professional activity in a field of action with psychiatric issues

Average salary:
CHF 6’250.- / € 6’375.- x 13 annual salary € 82’875.-

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Bachelor’s Degree / Advanced Federal Diploma

  • The medical first aid of patients at the scene of an emergency and during transport
  • Professional action in the areas of technology, tactics and medicine
  • Patient assessment and tentative diagnosis
  • Immediate life-saving measures on site
  • Relocation transport within Switzerland or in neighboring countries

Average salary:
CHF 5’874 / € 5’991.50 x 13 annual salary € 77’889.20

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Scrub Nurse

Bachelor’s Degree / Advanced Federal Diploma

  • Professional preparation of the instruments during the operation
  • Organization of the daily routine within the operations department
  • Ensuring hygiene and sterility in the operating area
  • Provision and handling of the technical equipment, devices and facilities
  • Cooperation in an interdisciplinary team
  • Activity in all services (7 × 24 hours)

Average salary:
CHF 6’739.- / € 6’739 x 13 annual salary € 87’607.-

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